Cc checker source code

Cyclomatic complexity is a software metric used to indicate the complexity of a program. It is a quantitative measure of the number of linearly independent paths through a program's source code.

It was developed by Thomas J. McCabe, Sr. Cyclomatic complexity is computed using the control flow graph of the program: the nodes of the graph correspond to indivisible groups of commands of a program, and a directed edge connects two nodes if the second command might be executed immediately after the first command.

cc checker source code

Cyclomatic complexity may also be applied to individual functionsmodulesmethods or classes within a program. One testing strategy, called basis path testing by McCabe who first proposed it, is to test each linearly independent path through the program; in this case, the number of test cases will equal the cyclomatic complexity of the program. The cyclomatic complexity of a section of source code is the number of linearly independent paths within it—where "linearly independent" means that each path has at least one edge that is not in one of the other paths.

For instance, if the source code contained no control flow statements conditionals or decision pointsthe complexity would be 1, since there would be only a single path through the code. Two nested single-condition IFs, or one IF with two conditions, would produce a complexity of 3.

Mathematically, the cyclomatic complexity of a structured program [a] is defined with reference to the control flow graph of the program, a directed graph containing the basic blocks of the program, with an edge between two basic blocks if control may pass from the first to the second. The complexity M is then defined as [2]. An alternative formulation is to use a graph in which each exit point is connected back to the entry point. In this case, the graph is strongly connectedand the cyclomatic complexity of the program is equal to the cyclomatic number of its graph also known as the first Betti numberwhich is defined as [2].

This may be seen as calculating the number of linearly independent cycles that exist in the graph, i. Note that because each exit point loops back to the entry point, there is at least one such cycle for each exit point.

For a single program or subroutine or methodP is always equal to 1. So a simpler formula for a single subroutine is. Cyclomatic complexity may, however, be applied to several such programs or subprograms at the same time e. McCabe showed that the cyclomatic complexity of any structured program with only one entry point and one exit point is equal to the number of decision points i.

However, this is true only for decision points counted at the lowest, machine-level instructions. Cyclomatic complexity may be extended to a program with multiple exit points; in this case it is equal to. An even subgraph of a graph also known as an Eulerian subgraph is one where every vertex is incident with an even number of edges; such subgraphs are unions of cycles and isolated vertices.

cc checker source code

In the following, even subgraphs will be identified with their edge sets, which is equivalent to only considering those even subgraphs which contain all vertices of the full graph. The set of all even subgraphs of a graph is closed under symmetric differenceand may thus be viewed as a vector space over GF 2 ; this vector space is called the cycle space of the graph.

The cyclomatic number of the graph is defined as the dimension of this space. Since GF 2 has two elements and the cycle space is necessarily finite, the cyclomatic number is also equal to the 2-logarithm of the number of elements in the cycle space. A basis for the cycle space is easily constructed by first fixing a spanning forest of the graph, and then considering the cycles formed by one edge not in the forest and the path in the forest connecting the endpoints of that edge; these cycles constitute a basis for the cycle space.

Hence, the cyclomatic number also equals the number of edges not in a maximal spanning forest of a graph. For the more topologically inclined, cyclomatic complexity can alternatively be defined as a relative Betti numberthe size of a relative homology group:.When using ASP. NET to process online credit card orders, it is a good idea if you can perform some sort of validation on the credit card number before submitting it to your processor.

Fortunately, credit card numbers are created in a way that allows for some basic verification.

Validating Credit Card Numbers

But, it does catch most typing errors, and reduces bandwidth usage by catching those errors before trying to actually process the credit card. To validate a credit card number, you start by adding the value of every other digit, starting from the right-most digit and working left.

Next, you do the same thing with the digits skipped in the first step, but this time you double the value of each digit and add the value of each digit in the result. Finally, you add both totals together, and if the result is evenly divisible by 10, then the card number has passed the validation.

Of course, this would be clearer with a bit of code, and Listing 1 shows my IsCardNumberValid method. The IsCardNumberValid method assumes that all spaces and other non-digit characters have been stripped from the card number string. This is a straightforward task, but Listing 2 shows the method I use for this. You will also be able to reduce bandwidth if you can avoid trying to submit a card that is not supported by the business. So, another task that can be useful is determining the credit card type.

The GetCardType method simply loops through this array, looking for the first description that would match the credit card number being tested. As before, this routine assumes all non-digit characters have been removed from the credit card number string.

The main reason I like table-driven code is because it makes the code simpler. This results in code that is easier to read and modify. GetCardType returns a value from the CardType enum. Writing code to process credit cards involves a number of issues that need to be addressed. Hopefully, this code will give you a leg up on addressing a couple of them.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I am not looking for a lint-like static code analyzer, I only would like to check against coding standards like variable naming, capitalization, spacing, identation, bracket placement, and so on. The only tool I know is Vera. Haven't used it, though, so can't comment how viable it is. Demo looks promising. I'm sure this could help to some degree cxx checker.

Not exactly what you ask for, but I've found it easier to just all agree on a coding standard astyle can generate and then automate the process. Try nsiqcppstyle. It's easy to extend to add your own rules. There's a list. I have used a tool in my work its LDRA tool suite. Check universalindentgui on sourceforge. There is cppcheck which is supported also by Hudson via the plugin of the same name. It may require some extensions which are specific for your needs. I'm currently working on a project with another project to write just such a tool.

I looked at other static code analysis tools and decided that I could do better.

cc checker source code

Unfortunately, the project is not yet ready to be used without fairly intimate knowledge of the code read: it's buggy as all hell. However, we're moving fairly quickly, and hope to have a beta release within the next 8 weeks.

The project is open source - you can visit the project pageand if you want to get involved, we'd love some more external input. I won't bore you with the details - you can visit the project page for that, but I will say one thing: Most static code analysis tools are aimed at checking your code for mistakes, and not very concerned with checking for coding guidelines.

We have taken a more flexible approach that allows us to write plugiins to check for both "house rules" as well as possible bugs.

Learn more. Asked 11 years, 6 months ago. Active 1 year ago. Viewed k times. Serge 7, 5 5 gold badges 34 34 silver badges 45 45 bronze badges. Drealmer Drealmer 5, 3 3 gold badges 25 25 silver badges 35 35 bronze badges. If you don't find the answer you want here, consider this question: stackoverflow.

Active Oldest Votes. I have tested it, and it is quite simple. But it works! I tried it but was disappointed. There is therefore no way I could find to enforce different naming conventions to different types of identifier.

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All data is safely stored in our cloud using military-grade bit encryption and SSL connection, allowing easy access to users. Results are also easily downloadable and can be shared in numerous formats. If users are looking to forego saving a copy of the scan, a unique URL can be created which can be used to access the scan results.Here I am taking input to the validation method as String, so that it will work also where the first digit is 0.

Output of the above program is:. Note that mobile phone IMEI number also follows the Luhn algorithm, go ahead and test it for your credit card numbers.

This did not cover the part when the doubling of number leads to 2 digit number.

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So I would say the program is half complete. I have clearly mentioned that if the sum is greater than 9, then add them to get the single digit number. Your email address will not be published. I would love to connect with you personally. Pankaj I love Open Source technologies and writing about my experience about them is my passion. Follow Author. Comments anonymous says:. November 22, at am. Pankaj says:. November 22, at pm. Adam says:. June 22, at am. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Leave this field empty. Newsletter for You Don't miss out! Subscribe To Newsletter.You seem to have CSS turned off. Please don't fill out this field. Card credit checker, allows you to check credit card number for validity. Card credit checker Web Site. Calibre has the ability to view, convert, edit, and catalog e-books of almost any e-book format. Please provide the ad click URL, if possible:. Help Create Join Login. Operations Management.

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Cyclomatic complexity

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cc checker source code

Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I tried to check the validation of credit card using Luhn algorithm, which works as the following steps:.

Double every second digit from right to left. If doubling of a digit results in a two-digit number, add up the two digits to get a single-digit number. If the result from Step 4 is divisible by 10, the card number is valid; otherwise, it is invalid. For example, the number is invalid, but the number is valid.

Simply, my program always displays valid for everything that I input. Any help is appreciated. Google and Wikipedia are your friends. Instead of long-array I would use int-array. On Wikipedia following java code is published together with detailed explanation of Luhn algorithm :.

Java Credit Card Validation – Luhn Algorithm in Java

I'll use 5 digit card numbers for simplicity. Let's say your card number is ; if I read the code correctly, you store in array the individual digits:. Okay, this can be solved with a type conversions to string and some Java 8 stuff. Don't forget numbers and the characters representing numbers are not the same. Learn more. Asked 6 years, 3 months ago. Active 9 months ago. Viewed 48k times. I tried to check the validation of credit card using Luhn algorithm, which works as the following steps: Double every second digit from right to left.

You could use a String Could you tell us the specific input s which cause your program to give an unexpected output? Also, the number that you gave "" also is mentioned as valid. So, please correct the question. Secondly, your program always prints that "The sum of double even place is 0" and "The sum of odd place is 0" - so a little debugging would help.

One last thing; why do you always divide by I think that is one of the culprits. Active Oldest Votes. Christoph Leiter 8, 3 3 gold badges 25 25 silver badges 36 36 bronze badges. Nicholas Ng Nicholas Ng 1, 13 13 silver badges 22 22 bronze badges. This code does not allow barcode terminates on 0 zero like ''. I had found this code and works fine: admfactory. Just for the record, this does work with codes ending in 0, including the one dellasavia mentions, given that the input string consists only of digits no whitespace, letters or special characters.

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